the film the images the sound the danse the dress the music the set the Red One

Kidnapped and locked up in the trunk of a car, a yong girl barely escape
from her predators. Lost in the darkness of night, she tries to find
her way back, guided by mysterious sounds.

18 minutes • digital cinema 4k
written and directed byGabriel Pistre • with Florence Vaconsin
image : Denis Louis • Sound : Pascal Flork • Music : Gérôme Pistre
Costumes : Vanessa Ruiz • Exectutive producer : Olivier Desagnat
Boxwood / Ailleurs Productions 2009

with the help of the Aquitaine Region and the Dodogne Department

The Trunk is an abstract thriller, a sensorial investigation,
a cinematographic experience. Like a chimical extract, the concentrated solution of a film noir, the Trunk ignites in 18mn
a burst of sensations.A young woman lives an abstract terror,
pursued by an invisible and mysterious force. Like a physical
shock, the movie gather all these emotions and engulf the
spectator in a visual and resounding Big-Bang.